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should we really care about bitcoin?

Text : TechCrunch : July 2019

To get a bit of perspective, Andy Bryant, co-head and COO of bitFlyer Europe — one of the world’s largest and longest-standing virtual currency exchanges, answers some questions about cryptocurrency.….Read More

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Facebook’s cryptocurrency faced with regulatory warnings from global central bankers

Text : CNBC : June 2019

Facebook will find itself dealing with plenty of regulatory questions about its new cryptocurrency, central bankers around the world said Thursday. The social network detailed plans for its virtual currency, called Libra, earlier this week, a move that almost instantly provoked a reaction from politicians and regulators alike….Read More


Binance, bitFlyer, Coinbase… Les géants de la crypto foncent sur l'Europe

Text (French) : Journal du Net : June 2019

Les grands exchanges américains et asiatiques profitent du vide concurrentiel pour multiplier les annonces produit et les ouvertures de bureau... Read More


GlobalCoin: A crypto olive branch for Zuckerberg and the Winklevoss twins?

Text : Verdict : May 2019

Facebook’s plan to launch its own cryptocurrency could see its founder Mark Zuckerberg bury the hatchet with two of his biggest enemies – the Winklevoss twins... Read More

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Can blockchain-powered smart contracts improve how smoothly your company makes deals?

Text : Elite Business : May 2019

Should you believe the hype when it comes to blockchain? Over the past few years, people have pledged to use blockchain to fundamentally transform everything from healthcare to democracy.... Read More



Text : Finance Digest : April 2019

Bitcoin’s value methodology is still a black box. It undoubtedly has value, the question is what is this value? What drives it? Is it undervalued or overvalued?.... Read More


Canada proposes cryptocurrency regulation amid QuadrigCX scandal

Text : Verdict : March 2019

Andy Bryant, Europe COO at Tokyo-based cryptocurrency exchange welcomed the news but cautioned that more needs to be done.“It’s great to see the Canadian authorities proposing a regulatory framework for crypto trading, however there’s still a way to go until we see borderless regulation implemented globally,” he said.... Read More

What can the crypto world learn from the QuadrigaCX cold wallet lockout?

Text : Verdict : March 2019

Verdict spoke with three cryptocurrency experts to find out how damaging the incident is for cryptocurrencies, and what the crypto world can learn from the incident about cold wallet management... Read More

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Paper certificates are on the way out, as PwC pilots blockchain certification scheme

Text : Verdict : February 2019

PwC has developed a ‘Smart Credentials’ platform that uses blockchain-powered digital certification, cutting out paper qualifications. Andy Bryant, Europe COO at Tokyo-based cryptocurrency exchange bitFlyer said the news wasn’t surprising and expects more established companies to incorporate blockchain into their businesses.… Read More


Episode 165: Interview with Andy Bryant COO bitFlyer Europe

Podcast : Around The Coin : February 2019

In this episode, we get a chance to sit down and have a chat with Andy Bryant, who is the COO of bitFlyer Europe…. We talk with Andy where we stand today with respect to crypto exchanges and what might we see in the coming months/years as cryptocurrency trading evolves more into the mainstream… Listen


Ep. 78. Blockchain and crypto predictions 2019

Podcast : Blockchain Insider : January 2019

Far from a field, Simon and Colin are in the studio talking about what they think's going to happen around blockchain in 2019… Listen


Japan's biggest bitcoin exchange saw $150 billion traded in less than 2 months: 'December was certainly an interesting month'

Text : Business Insider : January 2018

Japan's largest bitcoin exchange saw trading volumes of $150 billion in the last two months last year, according to the company's European head, more than doubling the company's expected annual volume… Read More


Japan bitcoin bourse group stages Europe expansion

Text : Financial Times : January 2018

BitFlyer, the Tokyo-based operator of one of the world’s largest bitcoin exchanges, is expanding into Europe after receiving regulatory approval, as the infrastructure that supports cryptocurrency trading continues to grow off the back of the recent boom… Read More

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Video : LinkedIn Editors : January 2018

Bitcoin has been making the headlines again recently due to its price fluctuations. Andy Bryant, COO (EMEA) at bitFlyer, explains what's caused these and how long the volatility is likely to continue.Watch


Bitcoin is 'a dinghy in the open ocean'

Text : Business Insider : January 2018

Why is bitcoin so volatile? The cryptocurrency captured headlines in the run-up to Christmas due to its rapid rise, climbing from around $5,000 at the start of November to a high above $19,000 in December?Read More


HTC has made a blockchain phone that cryptocurrency fans will hate

Text : Wired Magazine : November 2018

What’s a blockchain smartphone, and do you need one? The release of HTC Exodus 1, the Taiwanese manufacturer’s much-hyped, much-anticipated blockchain-focused handset, has perhaps answered the first of those questions; the jury is still out on the second... Read More


Cryptocurrency Exchange BitFlyer Launches New EU Branch

Text : Coindesk : January 2018

Japan-based bitcoin exchange operator bitFlyer has set up shop in Europe, having already expanded to the U.S last year.Read More


Ep. 30. Bitcoin Falls, Whales Rise and an Interview With bitFlyer CEO

Podcast : Blockchain Insider : January 2018

We bring you interviews with bitFlyer's CEO and founder Yuzo Kano and COO Andy Bryant, as the largest Japanese cryptocurrency exchange comes to Europe!Listen


tomorrow’s transactions ep. 303: andy bryant, bitflyer

Podcast : Consult Hyperion : February 2018

Andy Bryant is the COO Europe for bitFlyer, which is by some measures the world’s biggest Bitcoin exchange. They have just been granted a Payment Institution (PI) licence in Europe, which brings them in to the financial services mainstream. In this podcast Andy talks about the trajectory of bitFlyer and why they opted for licensingListen


A wild ride for Bitcoin prices

Text : Silicon Luxembourg : April 2018

Three questions for Andy Bryant, Chief Operating Officer of bitFlyer Europe, the Japanese operator of the world’s largest Bitcoin exchange and first to be regulated in Japan, the US and Europe.Read More

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Japan’s largest Bitcoin Exchange, bitFlyer is breaking new ground as it sets foot in Europe

Text : : January 2018

Having been granted a license to operate in the EU, bitFlyer has become the first Bitcoin exchange to be regulated in Japan, the US and Europe..Read More

bitFlyer Licensed in the EU, Becomes ‘World’s Most Compliant’ Exchange

Text : Finance Magnates : January 2018

Tokyo-based crypto firm bitFlyer, the operator of the world’s largest Bitcoin exchange by volume, has been officially launched in Europe after being granted a Payment Institution license to operate legitimately in the EU.Read More


Bitcoin price LIVE: Bitcoin loses $500 before breakfast as Blockchain LIVE arrives in LDN

Text : Daily Express : January 2018

Over at the the Blockchain event in London Andy Bryant, COO of bitFlyer Europe, told about his firm's arrival in Europe… Read More


Ep. 250. Insights: Luxembourg (the biggest fintech hub you've never heard of)

Podcast : Fintech Insider : September 2018

Today's insights show takes a closer look at what's going on in the fintech space in Luxembourg. How can a fintech hub be such a big deal if no one’s ever heard of it? Where is Luxembourg anyway, isn’t it that tiny country sandwiched between France, Belgium and Germany?Listen

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"What is a UCITS?" - Explaining investing without the jargon

Video : Association of Luxembourg Fund Industry / LHoFT : May 2018

What is a UCITS? We asked random people in London and Luxembourg about the jargon used within the finance and investment world. This video has been produced by LHoFT, in association with ALFI and PwC Luxembourg, for the 2018 ALFI London conference.… Watch